Monday, October 16, 2006

Ravens - Week 6

Since I was unable to see this game (rassem frassem NFL exclusivity, not to mention that I was at work), there's not a lot I can say about it. I can say that the defense did not do very well; we were unable to hold Jake Delhomme or Steve Smith in check. But we almost rallied to win, until Carolina ran out the clock. And props to Kyle Boller for not giving up, as he had been wont to do much of his career. He needs to throw more deflections.

Of course, Boller came in because Steve McNair was injured early on. But by that time, McNair had already thrown an interception. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that McNair isn't the answer. He's on the down side of his career, and he's thrown more interceptions than TDs. It's not enough to be "inspirational." I hope he doesn't become the latest in the parade of Mediocre Ravens Quarterbacks (name three!).

The task doesn't get any easier against New Orleans next week. I hope the Ravens that went 4-0 choose to show up, because I'm not liking this 0-2 team as much. Granted, those losses were to good teams, but to get somewhere in the NFL, you have to beat good teams.