Monday, October 09, 2006

Ravens - Week 5

A 13-3 loss to Denver. Carp.

We had a chance to win this, and we blew it. Three interceptions and a 10-yard punt will do that to you.

Not that I don't credit the Broncos: I do. They didn't make mistakes when it mattered, and RB Tatum Bell kept us off balance. Crafty veteran WR Rod Smith snagged the touchdown that put the game out of reach, on a play that Steve McNair tried to pull for the Ravens before the end of the half and was picked off by CB Champ Bailey.

But why didn't we keep former Bronco Mike Anderson in the game when he was accomplishing something? I mean, there's only so much you can do offensively when playing in a freezing typhoon like that at Mile High Stadium Invesco Field.

This was the sort of game where we just could not get away with any mistakes. And we didn't.

Okay, so we're back to Earth, and only Da Bears and the Indianapolis Irsays are still undefeated. Let's take out our frustrations on Carolina. (ETA: Double carp. I won't get to see this game, because FOX 5 in DC won't show it, I can't get Fox 5 anyway, and NO ONE shows Fox 45 in my town.)


dragonflies said...

Eh, at least you have more than 1 win.

Big Bro said...

It was hard to understand the decision to pull the back that was getting 10 yds. per rush and then not use him again. These guys are pro atheletes. They should be able to handle sprinting 200 yds in 5 minutes. That's assuming they run the ball on every play. After a 10 yard run, (probably more than double that when you start in the back field and then go laterally, call it 25 yards) you'll get a good 30+ seconds to recover. Should be no problem for a pro. When you find something or someone who works, stick with it until they stop it.