Saturday, October 14, 2006

Latest on the Cygmobile

Yesterday, I took the Cygmobile (Ford Focus wagon) up to get the oil changed. I also asked my mechanics to check the brakes while it was there, thinking they hadn't been attended to in a while. Turns out the brakes were fine (to my surprise), but the bearings in the right front wheel were shot and needed replacing.

For a change, this turned out to be quite a necessary job, because my ride has now become MUCH quieter! I thought it was the tires making a lot of moise on the pavement, but I should have known something was up when I turned the steering wheel to the left and it wasn't as noisy. I'm shocked at how much more tolerable driving is now.

So, if there are things going on with your vehicle that you can't explain, get them checked out sooner rather than later. And here's hoping you can find a reliable mechanic to do so. Mine is a family-owned bunch that I got referred to by a former cow-orker.


Silvergirl said...

My mechanic is DH, and if he can't do the job, we take the van over to my BIL's shop (DH's bro) and have our mechanic nephew fix it. Then the manager nephew (bro of the mechanic) writes up the charges with a family discount. It's how we've been able to keep the 1995 minivan going.

Thanks for the avatars on the centerpiece board, but I have a small request. Could you fix the one at the top so her boobage is covered? If you don't have time, just nevermind - I'll use the one from my Fla trip, *snicker*

Cygnus said...

Sorry about that, hon! It was only when LC noticed that I saw what you were talking about. I'll get an alternate one up there.

Our mechanic is right near your place: Bussard's, at the Citgo on W. Patrick.