Saturday, October 07, 2006

In The Street

We had a nice time today at Frederick's annual In The Street festival, where the main north-south drag gets blocked off for a mile or so downtown. And accompanying it was the seemingly annual rain. But it wasn't constant, and there were still thousands of people.

Of course, the politicos hit it hard, so there were plenty of banners, stickers, and balloons. Lots of different food options also, although we bypassed them for the excellent Pizza and Pretzel Creations right on the street. Ummies. Followed by TCBY yogurt from the TCBY RV, which was for sale.

We saw a bunch of kids doing their skateboard thing, including one shorter kid (whom we thought was a girl and others thought was a boy) who kept trying to leap across two ramps. He/She never quite made it. How none of these folks sustained serious injury, I'll never know.

But the biggest part of the day was seeing a couple of the bands that were playing. We only caught the tail end of Donegal X-Press, but their Irish "roots rock" was kicking! I swear their fiddle player looked like she was about 14 (yeah, I know, Cyg digs the jailbait :-)). She stole the show in this last number.

We spent a while watching an impressive cover band, Carey Zigler's Expensive Hobby. As we approached, they were playing the Doobie Brothers' "Takin' It To The Streets." They then launched into a fine rendition of the Who's "Eminence Front," and after a nice percussive original number, they surprised us by doing a spot-on version of Elton John's "Funeral For a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding," not exactly the sort of song that many bands cover. In addition to the usual guitarbassdrumsandkeyboards, CZEH also has a three-piece horn section, rendering them a little Chicago-esque.

Oh, and both these bands hail from my hometown of Baltimore. No wonder they're good.

I'm pooped, and 4 AM comes mighty early. Goodnight.