Monday, October 02, 2006

Hi, Crimestoppers!

Our next door neighbor is selling his house. We've had an up-and-down relationship with him, but lately things have gotten better. For one thing, his Great Dane used to poop on our lawn, but after I asked nicely, he made sure she stopped doing so.

His house has been on the market quite a while. It's had a lot of upgrades inside and out. Some of us on the block have jokingly argued about who would get his hot tub, which he never uses.

Well, one day after coming home from work, I noticed this older gent in a black Subaru (at first, I thought it was a Toyota) sitting in the space that I normally use in the middle of the cul-de-sac. This guy had a bunch of papers on his lap, some of which looked like tax documents. He got out of his car a couple times and examined the outside of the house.

Over the next couple weeks, he was there again, sitting for a couple hours at a time. We thought maybe he was an appraiser or such at first, but we became increasingly suspicious.

Finally, Sandy came home from an errand one morning and noticed he was still there in his car, and walking back and forth from the house. I called the county Sheriff's Office. This guy departed about one minute before the deputy pulled up. We haven't seen him since.

He must have been casing the place for a crime of some sort, so I'm glad we listened to our gut on that one. Suspicious people come in all shapes and sizes.

ETA: Forgot to add that our neighbor was thankful; he had no idea who this guy was.