Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hell's Seafood

I know that in Noo Yawk, it's customary for market vendors and their customers to be a little bit brusque to each other. At least that's how an outsider like me would see it.

But New Market, MD, is not Noo Yawk.

For Ladycub's birthday, I will be making her crabcakes, and she told me where I could get some to make at home: a place called Trout Seafood in New Market. The place is now known as Lighthouse Seafood and Deli.

I quickly located the nicely-sized crabcakes for broiling, but only after the manager (owner?) was busy berating his employees for all sorts of things. Out loud. In front of me. The lady who got me the crabcakes told me he was like this all the time.

Well, I don't have to like it. There are other seafood places around that aren't run by a Gordon Ramsay wanna-be.

I invoke Cygnus' First Law of Retail Economics: If an establishment acts like it doesn't want your business, don't give it to them.


Silvergirl said...

I had a great crabcake at the Myersville Trolley Days Festival from J B Seafood. They do concessions and catering. They also made some awesome cream of crab soup. Good food, and not too pricey. The crab cake was $6. Of course, it was not as big as G & M's, but it didn't have a lot of filler and was very tasty. I can't wait until next year! BTW, we only stayed 1 3/4 hour, but we had such a nice time!

Thanks for telling me about it.

Puffy said...

I was crabby on Saturday.

Cygnus said...

Silv - we've had their crab cakes and crab soup before, and it is quite good.

I do have to say that, although the service left something to be desired, these crabs were quite good. Very little filler and lots of good meat.

Which reminds me, I was working in Tampa when a group of cow-orkers and I went to this restaurant, the Colonnade, for lunch. Since they had crab cakes on the menu, I decided to try them, and being a Marylander, decide whether they were REAL crab cakes.

They weren't. I might as well have eaten sand for all the filler that was in them.

We wanted to go to the Myersville trolley fest, but I had a commitment on Saturday and work on Sunday. There's something about it that's really attractive. Maybe it's the intimacy of the event; it's not enormous. Maybe it's the setting between Braddock and South Mountains, which are gorgeous as the leaves turn. It reminds me of the fall festivals we used to go to in my Christian community.

Also, it's always worth a side trip to South Mountain Creamery for some ice cream. :-9

Puff, I guess you can't eat crabs . . . or am I mistaken?