Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Band of Brothers

Rob is in the Air Force. Thom is in the Army.

They have given up much to serve their country. Rob spent the first six months of his marriage apart from his wife because there weren't quarters for both of them. Of course, there are military couples who have been separated for much longer than that. Thom could still be sent to Iraq at almost any time.

Rob went from being a member of the Security Police to working on computer security. Thom is a brilliant writer and has been touted as a possible linguist.

They? Are smart. And they? Are my brothers. And I'm damn proud of them.

And Senator John Kerry, D-MA, former presidential candidate, insulted them, and refused to apologize for it. For he hates my brothers.

Any one of us would be proud to smack him across his long face. But we'll do the next best thing and vote next week.

ETA: I remember back in college when the leftist editors (I know that's redundant) of the school paper had signs around their office: "The Greyhound Regrets Nothing!" Never knew Kerry went to my school.


daxncats said...

Paul, both my children studied hard and might end up in Iraq. I feel he hates all the cadets/midshipmen at service academies (including a certain cadet at West Point) and those students in ROTC programs (including a certain cadet in Marine Corps ROTC at Norwich). As a mother, I am offended beyond words, my children worked and studied hard to be where they are and in no way see the possibilty of going to Iraq as a sign of failure. Kerry should be ashamed but the he has demonstrated he doesn't comprehend the meaning of the word

volsfan said...

I couldn't disagree with you two more but I really just came over to say hello.

Kerry apologized (as he should) but I don't think he HATES any person in the military.

Big Bro said...

I love the "apology." If you were offended, I'm sorry. I guesss if you weren't offended, like volsfan, he isn't sorry. That's crap.

Cygnus said...

Look at it this way: Kerry's political future isn't completely ruined. He can always run for mayor of San Francisco someday.

His "apology" was about as good as the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert, when being forced to admit he made a mistake, saying "Alice heard me wrong." I am so glad this elitist snob isn't President.

*waves @ Vols* Thanks for dropping by!

volsfan said...

Hey big bro...where did I say that I wasn't offended by what Kerry said?

big bro said...

volsfan, the implication of "not disagreeing more" with the posts by cygnus and daxncats, who have taken offense, lead one to believe you haven't taken offense to Sen. Kerry's comments. That is where it was "said".

volsfan said...

I disagree with saying that John Kerry hates people in the military. That is a huge leap from what he said to hating those in the military.

Cygnus said...

Actually, Kerry has been most consistent in his disdain for the military and those who serve in it.

volsfan said...

I am very well aware of the entire story. It is very hard for me to come to the same conclusion as you.

Cygnus said...

I don't see how you can't draw that conclusion. Guess Kerry didn't say this either, which hearkens back to his 1971 allegations of rape and murder?

And I absolutely love this. Ooof.