Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Day, Another Volksmarch

With the day off today, I drove through four states and wound up in the same county.

Let me explain: I started in Frederick County, Maryland and wound up in Frederick County, Virginia. To get there, I went from Maryland to Virginia to West Virginia and back to Virginia. En route, a truck had dumped its load of sewage on Rt. 340 between Charles Town, WV and Berryville, VA. Ew. Ew. Ew.

My destination was the year-round volksmarch in Winchester, VA. (More on volksmarching here.) Winchester is a town at the northernmost end of the Shenandoah Valley that changed hands more than 70 times during the Civil War. I started at the visitor center, where the volunteers where quite helpful and pleasant.

The walk went through a park, then past two cemeteries where hundreds of unknown Civil War dead from both sides are buried. When I entered the Mount Hebron Cemetery, I couldn't help noticing one of the first headstones I saw: Geo. W. Bush. Really. But this one died more than 100 years ago. I almost said "at the turn of the century", but that's now the turn of LAST century!

From there, the walk wound through the historic downtown of Winchester, which includes a quaint pedestrian mall. I walked it a few times by accident; street signs were not plentiful downtown. So much for my winning an Amazing Race leg here! Among many other historic buildings is Stonewall Jackson's headquarters, right in the middle of a posh residential neighborhood.

All in all, a nice 10K walk through a town I hadn't been to before. It was blustery, however, making the walk a little challenging. It seems I arrived one day before Winchester's hot-air ballon festival! Shuckmeisters.

On the way home, I stopped at what may be my favorite clothing store: Gabriel Brothers. I scarfed up three sweatshirts, two pairs of jeans, two flannel shirts, and some underwear . . . for $70. And it wouldn't have been that much if one of the sweatshirts wasn't a Ravens hoodie.


Mom2BJM said...

Hey Cyg! How cool to live near such wonderful historical places.. sure there is history here in AZ, vbut maybe not as fascinating as in your part of the country!

(yes, I blogged!)