Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who wants this MTV?

Nice to see that Bob Lefsetz came around to my way of thinking about the irrelevant black hole that is MTV. And he points out a nice "Well, DUH!":

What are the [MTV Video Music Awards] for?

Fearful of conflicting with 9/11 memorials, MTV moved the show BEFORE Labor Day. What a big mistake. The show worked because you were ALREADY IN SCHOOL! Summer was over. It was a way to avoid doing your homework. AND, you tuned in so you wouldn’t be left out of the discussion at your school the next day. But with all the kids spread out over the landscape, there’s no center, the VMAs were/are not MUST SEE TV, so people don’t.

And the show no longer makes sense. Kids know there’s no music on the channel, and oldsters haven’t heard of the acts. What is the DRAW? MTV proved it in Miami. If you’re playing to the "National Enquirer" crowd, you’ve lost it. The VMAs were always hip, irreverent. Now they became what they were mocking. Vapid "stars" fawning over each other. The VMAs are just not where it’s at.

So the ratings tanked.

Guess I'm not so fuddy-duddy after all. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go listen to "Interstellar Overdrive."