Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ravens - Week 3

Whew. As Robin would say, "Holy heart failure!"

Thank you, Matt Stover, and your ageless leg for bringing the Ravens back from the brink and escaping Cleveland with a 15-14 win and a 3-0 start. A 52-yard field goal at age 38. Not. too. shabby.

I didn't get to see this game, but I heard it. And for three quarters, it was all Browns as they scampered to a 14-3 lead. Let's face it: no matter how lousy their team may be, Cleveland always gives its AFC North foes a hard time, especially at home. And QB Charlie Frye looked rather good; the Ravens defensive backs were confused at times.

In the 4th quarter, the Raven offense finally woke up and pulled to within 14-12, but it seemed to be all for naught as Frye was leading the Browns straight down the field. A TD would have sealed the deal. Instead, he threw an ill-advised pass that Chris McAlister stepped in front of in the end zone. Steve McNair led the Ravens back the other way, but couldn't get any closer than the 52-yard attempt that Stover nailed. A fumble on the Browns' next play from scrimage ended it.

If we can get some more consistency on offense, I think we'll be hard to deal with. Defensively, it could be 2000 all over again. Next week: a tough foe in the Chargers.