Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ravens - Week 2

A 2-0 start, yessirree! And a smashing job by the defense, with six turnovers by DaRaydahz. This is the sort of Ravens D we've come to know and love. And another hilarious lineman runback of an turnover, this one by Kelly Gregg after a fumble. He lumbered 59 yards before Ray Lewis yanked the ball from him, after which Gregg threw one block and collapsed. And we even had a safety.

But it was a somewhat less than spectacular job by the offense. The Silver and Black's defense actually did pretty well, all things considered. And Steve McNair has to seal the deal more. The score should have been more like 42-6 instead of 28-6, but there were too many field goals and punts inside Oakland territory.

And Coach Brian Billick, Sooper Genius, how about calling a naked bootleg to McNair once in a while? He can run that as well as anyone. Or a flea-flicker to keep the eight men in the box honest?

Still, I'll take it. Bring on the Crybaby Browns!