Friday, September 08, 2006

Local politics can be amusing

As it is in many other areas, growth is a huge issue around here. There are plenty of legitimate arguments about growth: does the infrastructure exist to support it, is there a sufficient supply of housing to keep prices and taxes at bay, are businesses coming in or leaving, etc.

Also, there's plenty of animosity between the pro-growth side (which I espouse) which is said to want to pave the whole county, and the no-growth forces which want to bulldoze any home that was built after 1990. No rhetoric here, eh?

With our primaries coming up on Tuesday (9/12), two PACs endorsing two different groups of Republican candidates are sniping at/demonizing each other: the pro-growth Frederick Countians for Real Republicans, which has nothing to do with the Alliance for Frederick County, and the anti-growth Friends of Frederick County (essentially just a blog), which is totally unaffiliated with the Citizens for Quality of Life of Frederick County.

Clear as mud? And then FOFC nabbed a similar domain name to the FCRR, resulting in this. Although I disagree with the premise, I admit it's clever.

The main reason I support the pro-growthers is that we have low unemployment, which is good; but also low average weekly wages, which is bad. That tells me businesses don't want to relocate or start up here. And then everyone wonders why folks like me commute from here to Washington or Baltimore to work. Also, if there's no growth in housing, prices will continue to skyrocket (you can't get a decent townhome for under $300,000). We couldn't afford the house we live in, which has nearly doubled in value since we bought it four years ago.

And unlike FOFC's blog, I allow comments. :-)


dragonflies said...

I just want election day, whenever it is, to be over. I'm sick of getting 4 voice messages each day from various and sundry politicians. I must have gotten on someones 'undecided' list. Now EVERYONE is calling us!