Thursday, September 21, 2006

Active Relaxation

Ladycub and I were anything but sedentary during our two-night stay in Ocean City. Since our room was not yet ready when we arrived on Monday, we played golf at Assateague Greens, a nine-hole course near Berlin. Each of us had a par, thanks to our much improved tee shots. We walked the entire course, although it wasn't that long. We left with a few bug bites.

This course has meaning to us because when we played there in 1998, LC fell into a water hazard while trying to retrieve her ball. Her feet kept slipping on the bottom because it was so slimy. She came out resembling the Creature from the Black Lagoon, covered with mud from head to toe. I covered the seat of our brand-new car with plastic bags and threw her in the shower when we got back to the hotel.

After a refreshing dip in the pool, we walked a lengthy ten paces to Olive Tree for dinner, watched some Monday Night Football, and went to bed.

The next day, we rode our bikes from 127th Street to the Ocean City inlet and back. There are no hills in Ocean City, which is good and bad; good in that you don't have to over-exert at any given point, but bad in that there's not much of an area to coast. That turned out to be a 20-mile ride round trip. And LC was right behind me the whole way. We spent a little time on the boardwalk, where LC got her obligatory Thrasher's Fries (to them, ketchup is an insult) and I set a new personal best on a video game I hadn't played in years, the original Mario Bros.

We got back to the hotel just in time for the rain to start. LC had wanted to do some shopping at the outlets in Rehoboth Beach, so we did so. First, however, we had dinner at Cracker Barrel in Rehoboth. As we were finishing our meal, a woman came up and hugged us. It was a friend from our old neighborhood in Glen Burnie! Consider the odds.

As we went to the outlets, LC's friend Camie joined us, as she lived nearby. Neither of us found much there; I just don't want to pay $40-50 for a pair of pants. So I wound up getting mine at Wal-Mart instead. :-)

After leaving Wednesday morning, we played another nine holes at Pine Shore Golf, joined eventually by an older gentleman from Philadelphia. Again, we walked our game. LC beat me by 5 strokes. I so need to learn to hit straight.

As usual, this respite was way too short. But it was nice while we had it.


Silvergirl said...

Someday, maybe we will be there at the same time. It sounds like you had a great time, too.

Thanks for the crabcake link on my blog. I'm looking at it now.

I highly recommend The Captain's Galley II at the inlet in OC. It's marvelous!

LOL at the thought of you "throwing" LC in the shower. Tell her "Hello" from me.

I'm looking into the In the Street this weekend. Maybe we'll see you there?

Cygnus said...

I think In The Street could be doable! As Stephen Miles would say, "Let's talk about it."