Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yo, Summer! Come back!

It's August already. Sure, the years go by more quickly as I get older, but that fact doesn't bother me so much; actually, I can't wait for football season to start.

It seems that with each passing year, I get to enjoy summer less and less. Because of my commute to my job (and its attendant crazy schedule), I don't get outside very much, much less my wife and I together. We do belong to the local Y, but the pool is usually quite crowded, not to mention indoors. Other pools in the area are (rightly) for the kids. We've been biking a few times, but it's a chore to load the bikes onto the car and take them to the C&O Canal or somesuch. And we're not planning on taking a vacation this year.

But there's good news: Some of the better events in the area have yet to occur, such as the Great Frederick Fair next month and "In The Street" and the Myersville Trolley Festival in October. Perhaps we'll also get to take in a free concert in the park sometime before the season winds down.


SeasonedRefinement said...

I'm beginning to think that summer is for children. It's the same feeling I had when I realized that Christmas (in terms on the visual impact of all of those presents under the tree) was also for children. Of course we didn't get 100 presents. There was no way my single income, middle class family could have afforded 300 presents (to make it fair for everyone...). It just seemed like the pile was endless.

Summer is the same way. But you know what takes me back to those magical days of childhood summers? The smells of summer. If I close my eyes, these smells will take me back for just an instant: Chlorinated pool water, a freshly black-topped parking lot baking in the heat, a rose, a peach, meat cooking on a grill, suntan lotion, citronella candles, and even insect repellent -- that's all that's really left to rekindle the childlike magic of summer.

Oh well...the seasons of life.

ukrocks said...

I can't beleive Summer is almost over, because I start school in less than two weeks. I start my Senior Year. Summer is going by fast.

But beleive it or not in a heartbeat we will be talking about how fast the holiday season came upon us. And then Summer will come roaring upon us again.

mom2bjm said...

Hey Cyg... finally found my way back to your blog, and NOW, the strange email I deleted the other day makes sense!! WOW! I wondered WHO?? would be emailing me about being on tv! SHeesh! I was on vacation, so I wasn't thinking straight! We came back Weds night from a 2500 mile trip up thru Utah, Wyoming, Colorado & New Mexico... good to be back home.

Alas, summer is almost over here too.. (if it would just stop being hot!!) School starts a week from Monday. AND>>> we got a call from the school - my youngest will have ALL-Day kindergarten! Yippee!

And the bummer of summer ending.. the city pools are closed... bored children for one week!!