Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Tidbits

It was a good weekend.

The weather was gorgeous and I didn't have to work, but I DID do a good bit of driving. Drove to Cranford, New Jersey on Friday afternoon with a couple friends to a church-related function. Found this really neat park (Nomahegan) which we all decided we wanted to take home with us. I sat and communed with the ducks, geese, and even a couple of Cygni. Drove back on Saturday evening, fortunately missing a 20-mile delay NB on the NJ Turnpike.

On Sunday, my wife and I were slated to go to a christening party for the daughter of one of my broadcasting school classmates. Through a series of events which I hope she will explain on her blog, she was unable to go. So I went stag.

It turned out to be quite an enjoyable pool party, even thought the only other person I knew was my friend. She was the youngest student in my class, and I was the oldest. Wound up playing some intense games of water volleyball, during which I hit bottom. Literally. I dove for a ball that was falling toward an open spot. I managed to save it, but I went under and smacked my elbow on the bottom. Ow. Ow. Ow. The other folks called me "Matrix" because of how slow some of my movements were during the games.

And now my wife and I are back together. Time to catch a nap before my alarm goes off at 4 AM. Goodnight.