Thursday, August 10, 2006

More from my past

Something a little lighter:

I was putzing around on (which used to be and stumbled onto their message boards. And boy, did some synapses get jogged into place!

Remember ordering paperback books from Scholastic Books in grade school? These folks did.

As one of them said, you'd pick your books off a list, then order with the money (that you begged from Mom and Dad) by giving the slip to the teacher. Then you'd forget about it for a while.

Six to ten weeks later, the books would arrive, and the teacher would put them in stacks with each person's slip on top. It'd be like Christmas.

Some of the books I got:

  • Most of the Henry Huggins and Otis Spofford books by Beverly Cleary.
  • Transcripted Disney movies like That Darn Cat and The World's Greatest Athlete.
  • The Encyclopedia Brown series (I could never solve the dumb things) and Two Minute Mysteries.
  • Baseball Stars of 1973.
  • Peanuts books.
  • True Classroom Flubs and Fluffs. (That was actually my brother's.)
I never had it as my own, but I remember reading 100 Pounds of Popcorn, how this kid finds a 100-pound bag of popcorn that fell off a truck and tries numerous ways to take advantage of it once he's allowed to keep it.

Along the same lines, does anyone remember SRA kits, which apparently still exist? Boy, did THAT turn into a classroom competition! I only remember one in particular: "225 Pitches", about how Giants pitcher Juan Marichal pitched an entire 17-inning ballgame.


SeasonedRefinement said...

I remember the Weekly Reader newspaper we took home with a book order form for the Scholastic Books.

Yep, like everyone else, I loved it when they finally came in. I still remember the teachers saying, "Do not open your books now. Put them away".
I guess that's because not everyone got them.

BTW, I just spent an hour lost on that Retroland site. Pretty cool.