Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Damn, I still miss him

It hit me again tonight: My ride to or from work, whether the Metro is involved or not, takes me right past where my friend John lived. A year and a half after his death, I still miss the guy. :'-(

A couple things I didn't mention in the above link:

John didn't have the easiest life. His father left his family when he was young. He was born with only nine fingers, and he was legally blind. But he never used any of that as an excuse. His mother was a saint, every bit as Christian as he was agnostic.

He was fiercely loyal to us who were his friends. He never really had a girlfriend, but he was very close to a couple women from college and remained friends with them even after they'd gotten married.

But he had a lot of pain, much of which was caused by some of the above issues. And I get the feeling he was on the lonely and depressive side in the days leading up to his death.

Horizon to horizon, memory written on the wind
Fading away, like an hourglass, grain by grain
Swept away like voices in a hurricane
In a vapor trail

God rest your soul, John.


SeasonedRefinement said...

I usually check in here on a weekly basis -- don't know how I missed this blog.

Hey Cygnus, I'm sorry. I read the link in OT in which you posted John's letter. No doubt about it, you lost a friend of the heart, a kindred spirit perhaps.

The intensity of the pain will change, but you'll never get over it. Maybe we're not supposed to.