Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Ass Saving Kit

. . . or, as it is better known by its acronym, ASK.

When I go into a store, I'm a typical male in a couple ways. I go in, get what I need, and get out. And in the process of so doing, I'm reluctant to ask for any help; I figure I should be smart enough to find it myself. Most of the time, I do.

The other day, I was in one of those buyout discount stores called Ollie's Bargain Outlet (I take it you have similar stores where you are) where I picked up a pack of light bulbs for our living room chandelier. Or so I thought. Turned out they were the wrong size.

So I went back, checked the shelves again, and decided there were no bulbs there in the correct size. I went to get a refund, but the cashier told me they had those. She showed me that I had walked right past a bin in the center of the floor with all sorts of bulbs, including the ones I needed. Okay, I technically didn't ASK, but if I had just stuck with what I knew, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

Today, I got a haircut in the beautiful town of Thurmont, noted for its proximity to Camp David. Around the corner from the barber shop is a quaint Ace hardware store run by one of the town commissioners. I looked all over the store for those suction cup hangers, but couldn't find them. So I broke down and asked, certain they didn't have them. Of course, they did.

Why is it so hard for me to ask for help? And don't get me started with directions. :-)

Oh, one other thing about those discount stores: They're often stocked with team logo apparel from teams that are nowhere near the area (the Seattle Seahawks, for example). I wonder whether Seattle-area discounters are trying to unload, say, Baltimore Ravens merchandise.


dragonflies said...

Nothing in stores here except Packer stuff. Wonder why?