Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who is and isn't drawing these days

I was forwarded this post from music analyst Bob Lefsetz, taking a look at some music acts currently touring and how they're drawing on the road. Some of the language is crude, but it makes for a fascinating read.

Some of my observations:

  • Surprised that they ARE drawing: Robin Trower, Les Claypool, Hall and Oates
  • Surprised that they AREN'T drawing: Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Gretchen Wilson (playing to many blades of grass at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. Guess it's "Hayell Yeah" and out, huh?)
  • Not surprised that he's drawing: Tom Petty
  • Not surprised that they AREN'T drawing: Bo Bice (where's all those screaming women now, eh? Watching whoever is the hunk du jour on the reality show du jour, I bet), Ashlee Simpson (was anyone worried that she WOULD draw?), Rob Thomas and Jewel, Sammy Hagar (now HE's the one telling babes, "I used to play with Van Halen!")
Oh, and a note, Bob: Chicago (whatever shell iteration of the band they are) has been coming in concert every summer Whether Anyone Cares Or Not for years now. Just wish I could have seen the Chicago I heard on XM's replay of a King Biscuit Flower Hour concert the other night. (Terry Kath, call your office.)

And I need to catch Rush on tour again before I die. Or they do.


Chrissy (woe) said...

And the Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls, just where are they on that list? :D Petty will always draw and it's no real surprise why to anyone who has ever seen him.

Thanks for this post though, it was great, made me smile even more that I already was.

I left the password in my reply to your post on my blog, sorry I messed it up originally, but glad you were looking ;-)


SeasonedRefinement said...

Interesting Cygnus...frankly, I couldn't believe Hall & Oates were drawing back in 1979, lol (just my humble opinion).

I am surprised about Springsteen, I thought he would be in a wheelchair and still drawing.

No surprise as to Bo Bice or Ashlee Simpson. At least one of them has some talent, so there's hope for him.

You know what is a surprise and I didn't see mentioned? The fact that Madonna still continues to draw. I know her antics get more and more desperate (a cross?), and from what I read, a whole lot of people find her to be less than appealing. But still, these shows sell out. Go figure...

Cygnus said...

Woe, you need to read the article again. Counting Crows were in there, a little more than halfway down.