Saturday, July 01, 2006

What's your spammer name?

I swear someone must have used this to send us e-mail at work.

Shake hands with:

Televise X. Shuttle


Seana said...

Oh, I get some doozies. The one I remember best was "Fornicating P. Knightley".

And there's no point in blocking them, either, since they'll just come back with another stupid name.

Seana said...

I forgot to add that I am

"Yoghurt K. Gravy"

Of course I am.

mm said...

Hi, I'm Conspirator K. Springfield.

*waves to Yoghurt and Televise*

Cygnus said...

Fornicating P. Knightley? Does DH know about that?

~Nutz said...


My real name gives me:
Eighteenth Q. Cowman

...and Nutz gives me:
Triable K. Tentative

Anonymous said...

Creosote W. Dispensible, here. Nice to meet you.

-- Scarlet