Tuesday, July 18, 2006


If there's one thing I'll never understand, it's how studios decide what TV series to put on DVD when. We like to watch older shows more than we do the current lot, such as Hogan's Heroes and MASH.

Early last summer we got hold of the first season of Dragnet with Jack Webb and Harry Morgan on DVD. Morgan was the perfect foil for Webb, making light of Webb's strange ways as Joe Friday. But this was a strangely produced compilation, with 14 episodes crammed onto one double-sided DVD and three on another regular DVD.

So where's season 2, hmmm? Nowhere in the immediate future, as far as I can tell.

What shows are you waiting to see come out on DVD?


SeasonedRefinement said...

This is going to sound like a page from a 1968 TV Guide (with the exception of #8), lol:

1. Lost in Space
2. Petticoat Junction
3. Adam 12
4. Get Smart
5. Green Acres
6. Ed Sullivan Show (highlights)
7. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
8. The Wonder Years

There are other great shows I'd watch - Barney Miller is one I can think of - but I don't know if I'd actually buy the DVD's. BTW, I loved Dragnet too! Actually, my dad did, and in those days, it was typical to have one color TV per house, and if dad was home, he got to pick what we all "liked" to watch. But I did grow to like the show. Jack Webb was a horrible actor, but for some reason, it worked.

Oh, btw Cygnus, you asked a great trivia question last week about the Hogan Heroes actors. Besides Klink and Schultz, what were the names of the other two characters? (General Bull-something and another one) Thanks!

Cygnus said...

For those who weren't there, the question that SR is referring to was this:

On Hogan's Heroes, what characteristic did the actors playing Klink, Schultz, Gen. Burkhalter, and Maj. Hochstedder all share?

Puffy said...

I've never rented or bought any TV DVD's. I really should, though. I know I'd like them. We don't get the premium cable channels so I'd like to see some of those shows on DVD.