Wednesday, July 05, 2006


(a great album, BTW!)

Or, as Charlie Daniels once said, "Some things in this world you just can't explain."

A month ago, Ladycub and I met a couple at the Y that was married on the exact same day--and year-- as us. We're slightly older than them, but in their marriage, she too was the cradle robber. ;-)

Fast forward to last night. For the first time since I'd left my previous job, I saw a young lady that had started at the station with us as an intern back two years ago. Talk about dedication: her first night was tooling around with me as Hurricane Isabel hit the area! She worked her way up and now has the position I once held. She's too sweet for words. (But not as much so as LC, of course: ilovemywifeilovemywifeilovemywife)

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that her boyfriend was now her husband. And guess what? They got married the exact same day we did, 10 years later.

Coinkydink? We'll have to have them over sometime.


Seana said...

Wow, man.

Puffy said...

It's a magical wedding day. You should patent it.

ukrocks said...

Nice blog, Cyg. I have finally decided to update my blog.

~Nutz said...

How cool is that? I bet it's a very lucky wedding day!