Friday, July 14, 2006

Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious #3,859

I mentioned here that I've been seeing a chiropractor for problems in my neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, and hips. I've had pain in my hips for years.

My lady chiropractor wondered what I could be doing that caused that pain. She eventually asked me, "Do you cross your legs?"

Bus-ted. In the words of Groucho Marx:
"Doc, it hurts when I do this!"
"Well, don't DO that!"

And I pay her for this. :-)


DearAbby said...

Ooh! Even though I know crossing my legs is bad, I do it anyway—and they were crossed as I read your post. Uncrossed now, LOL!

Surveysez said...

If you keep doing that, you're going to go blind!

dragonflies said...

nah survey, you won't go blind, you'll get shingles.

Puffy said...

You'll stop the blood circulation and your leg will fall off.

Cygnus said...