Monday, July 03, 2006

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

(shameful admission: I haven't seen that movie!)

Today, I reported on traffic for LA, Detroit, and Tampa Bay. They were all dead traffic-wise, even LA.

Did EVERYbody get a 4-day weekend? And if so, did I miss the memo or something? (I work again tomorrow.)


Puffy said...

No traffic in LA today. Even with an accident on the freeway, Mr. Puffy zipped on by the accident and got to work in record time.

dragonflies said...

Well, I guess those stop signs worked.

Seana said...

Happy 4th!!!

Businesses here chose either the Monday or the Friday to give as the freebie day off to their employees. My cousin's company chose today, so we went to her place for BBQ and her kick-butt butterscotch pie. *drool*

I should have done an extra exercise tape tonight. Gack.

Seana said...

And my point was that there seemed to be extra traffic from Friday to today.

Cygnus said...

No, Seana, your point was to make me gellus. :-) But we had a nice cookout on Sunday at my 'rents', with my brother back on leave from the Army.

Looks like we're gonna get clobbered with storms today, just like we do just about every Fourth!

Cygnus said...

. . . and it didn't rain at all here.

Mmmmm, these words are tasty!

Anonymous said...

I will neither confirm nor deny that my company was way-cool enough to give us the day off.


-- Scarlet