Thursday, June 29, 2006

Give Me What I Need

Beating someone to the tag for the Needs Meme. No need to use my RL name, as "Cygnus" yields plenty:

  • Cygnus needs a signed letter from your employer disclaiming rights to the contributed software.
  • You need to lose 5 pounds about as much as Cygnus needs to be more forthright.
  • At least Cygnus needs to spell out exactly which files need to be to provided in source.
  • Cygnus needs a tool and so they implement a tool. (Better than being a tool, no?)
  • Decisions about what patches to work on integrating has nothing to do with Cygnus's needs.
  • He is asking Cygnus to lease this space for $10,000 for this year. Carrier said that was not something that Cygnus needs.
  • Cygnus needs to find a corporate partner without giving up too much, and to determine the true market potential of its device, the GlucoWatch Biographer, which got approved as an adjunct to, not a replacement for, traditional blood-glucose testing. (". . . Okay." /Wayne)
  • Cygnus needs more presets for commercial value.
  • "We are pleased to have designed and delivered a financing solution so well fitted to Cygnus' needs and goals." (Damned if I've seen it! :-))
  • Cygnus needs a gasmask at mob base, played against a whole team of jacks last nite and it got pretty lame pretty fast. (what. ev. er.)
  • But still Cygnus needs to edit more then. (No argument here.)
  • Cygnus needs a long runway. (Well, I AM 41 now . . .)
  • Cygnus needs a redo. (Some might agree.)
  • Cygnus needs to learn that Assertiveness only works in Business.
And my all-time favorite:
  • Cygnus needs no defending - his position is undefendable.